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Venetian tapestry with the image of Che has been donated to Cuba
The delivery took place this 5 of January in th morning at the seat of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with people (ICAP, alter its initials in Spanish) and was received by Aleida Guevara March PhD, daughter of the Heroic Guerrilla fighter.

The work – in white and black – is a tapestry that reproduces the image of the sculpture of Che from the entrance of the main building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, at the Revolution Square and was patiently made following an old Venetian technique.

Rosa Penso, is a very recognized and nationally and internationally award winner weaver and her art is known by the name Venetian Merletto or Burano Merletto. She is member of Vittorio Tomassi Venetia Circle of the Cuba – Italy Friendship Association.

The island of Burano is the only place where is practiced this technique of weaving laces, in which Rosa Penso has become one of the best Italia artist of its genre.

The tradition of that old technique is based in the nets weaved by the Venetian fishermen which suggested their wives love messages, memories, flowers and ornaments.

Burano is one of the islands of the Venetia Gulf, although is not part of the 118 island that linked by 400 bridges, made the city of the channels.


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