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The future professionals of the health help to improve the sanitary culture among the citizens with a promotion campaign on preventive diagnosis and salubriousness.

The main scenarios were People' Council (neighborhoods), juvenile and social circles, as well as educational, scientific, and cultural institutions, labor centers, and facilities of priority tasks.

Multidisciplinary brigades integrated by students and specialists of different careers carried out, in rural and urban areas, researches that facilitate to prevent risks in young pregnant women, to carry out works of buccal prevention, and to lecture on infections of sexual transmission and addiction to the drugs.

In July and August there were quick courses for on history of medicine and infirmary in Cuba, human values in the professionals of the health, the ethics and the medical deontology, and the first aids before emergency situations, such as the drowning and the electrocution.

There were also conferences on the characteristics of the pregnancy in the adolescence, the conceptive methods, the handling of the family crises, the care of the buccal health, the breast and uterus cancer, among others.

The medical brigades also carried out dissertations on transmissible and not transmissible illnesses, such as leptopirosis, dengue fever, AIDS, and alcoholism.

Children and youths received vocational orientation to the medical sciences, educational lecture on illnesses and infections that affect the Cuban society.

In Las Tunas there are eight medical schools, included the provincial Faculty of Medical Sciences with a registration of 1, 448 youths from the eight municipalities of the territory, and from different countries of Africa, Central America and the Caribbean.


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