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The US doctor and clown Patch Adams to plan the creation of Medical schools in Africa
The idea, he said, is to apply the same model as the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM in Spanish), with students from more than twenty countries.

For four days Adams and fifteen members from his group Gesundheit performed for children and adults in the eastern city of Santa Cruz del Sur, in Camagüey, affected by one of the three hurricanes that stroke the island between last September and November.

The Cuban theater company La Colmenita, UNICEF Good Will Ambassador performed with them. They have been collaborating for six years.

It was a moving and wonderful week, highlighted the social activist in an exchange with the press in the seat of the group directed by Carlos Alberto Cremata.

Apart from performing for the victims, Adams went to the pediatric hospital from that province and gave a lecture for students and teachers from the Carlos J. Finlay Higher Medical Institute.

We work day and night, we slept in tents, but it was worth it and it worked, said the artist, who pointed out that language was not an obstacle.

Talking about his relationship with La Colmenita he explained that there surged an instant friendship from the very beginning. It is a beautiful idea that two countries, with such a complicated history, may build a bridge through these children, he declared.

The Doctor of Laughs, as he is called, said that in March 2009 he will perform in several cities in Haiti, Nicaragua and Guatemala, together with several volunteers from Arlington in the state of Virginia, where he lives.

Since he created his therapeutic treatment of laugh therapy, Patch Adams has performed for ill people, orphans and poor people from different parts of the world.


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