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The dedicated piece recalls the years in the German School of Montevideo, experiences with her partner during the 60 years of their marriage, his participation in the Marcha journal and his militancy in the March 26 Movement during the 1970’s.

Campanella explained the EFE agency that the title of the publication refers to a poem Benedetti himself dedicated to Montevideo.

Among the personalities that collaborated with this work there are Benedetti himself, who contributed with documents and photos from his family album; the writers Eduardo Galeano and Manuel Vázquez Montalbán; the Uruguayan politicians

Felipe and Rafael Michelini and the Spanish singer Joan Manuel Serrat.
After being exiled from his homeland, Uruguay, Benedetti lived in Argentina, Peru, Madrid and Cuba, where he was incorporated to the Direction Council of the Casa de las Américas.

The Cuban Council of State awarded him in 1982 the Félix Varela Order; in 1989 the Haydeé Santamaría Medal and in December 1997 the University of Havana gave him the title Doctor Honoris Causa.


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