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Cuba Looks at Endoscopic Surgery
Experts from this country, Belgium, United Kingdom and France will speak in this capital until Friday on laparoscopic inguinal hernioplasty, as well as urgent, biliary, pancreatic, endocrine and gastric cancer surgery, the National News Agency reported.

Debates will also be on hepatic and trasluminal endoscopic surgery through natural orifices and with new concepts in robotics.

The surgical technique through natural orifices, assisted by mini-laparoscopy, to extract gallstones, was presented in Cuba for the first time this year in the Abel Santamaria Hospital, in the westernmost Cuban province of Pinar del Rio, with excellent results.

Doctor Raul Castro Perez, chief of the General Surgery Services of the referred institution, stated that eight patients have been benefited with this less invasive and painful surgical method since March 2008.


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