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Cuban Artists Return from Venezuela
The group was welcomed at the José Martí International Airport by Cuban Culture Minister Abel Prieto Jiménez, who highlighted the importance of the work carried out by the Cuban artists.

In Venezuela, the Cuban artists brought their art to communities in Caracas, especially Petare, Sucre, La Vega, El Valle, 23 de enero, Libertador, Recreo and Leoncio Martínez, where never before had a choir sung, or a dance group or circus company performed.

Young Cuban art instructors showed their professionalism, finding out peoples’ preferences and personal talent and getting them to participate, whether by singing, dancing or just reciting a poem.

The Cuban artists said the experience was ‘unforgettable’, pointing out that they witnessed first-hand the mark left by capitalism on those communities: abject poverty, social inequality, violence and all the other scourges now being swept away by the Venezuelan Revolution.

In 2009, the program ‘Cultura Corazón Adentro’ will be expanded to include other Venezuelan States.


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