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Cuba Venezuela Cooperation Reached over more one Billion Dollars in 2008
Major accords included the remodeling of a refinery in the central Cuban province of Cienfuegos, which was re-inaugurated in 2007 thanks to a 166-million-dollar investment.

Ongoing cooperation relations between Caracas and Havana find their origin in an Integral Cooperation Agreement signed in October 2002. The accord includes several economic and social sectors, such an energy protocol that allows Cuba to pay with medical, education and sports services for part of the 100, 000 barrels of oil provided on a daily basis by Venezuela.

Another project aims at the setting up in Venezuela of eleven ethanol-producing plants and at the development sugar cane production with Cuban technology.

The bilateral cooperation projects also take several actions being undertaken by over 1,400 Cuban agricultural specialists, who are assisting Venezuelan farmers, plus 6, 000 Cuban sports trainers who are currently preparing high-performance Venezuelan athletes.

Cuba has also provided some 78 million low-consumption electric bulbs, which have been distributed throughout Venezuela, along with more than 810 solar panel systems currently operating in remote Venezuelan communities.

Venezuelan and Cuban specialists are operating several community communication means, while both countries have set up joint ventures in key industrial sectors. Cuba News Agency


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