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Brazilian Film a Favorite in Havana
It was a cultural, political knockout in Brazil in 2007 and this year it has rocked public opinion in several Latin American countries and won top award at the Berlin Film Festival.

In fact, Director Padilha, also the film's script writer, is not new to this game. His debut as a director was "Onibus 174" (Bus 174), considered one of the best Brazilian documentaries in the first five years of the 21th century, based on the media circus surrounding a police incident in the streets of Rio, where a. deranged homeless man hijacked a bus, and when the police tried to catch him, he shot one of his hostages.

Regarding violence, "Elite Squad" is not so different from its predecessor, as it reflects police corruption in Rio de Janeiro favelas during a raid prior to Pope John Paul II's visit to Brazil in 1997.

Actress Fernanda Machado, who is attending the festival in Havana, highlighted Padilha's bravery and boldness in carrying out such a project of denunciation.

Padhila's home town is Rio de Janeiro. He started his career as a producer of the fiction film "Boca de Ouro" (Golden Mouth (1990) and later wrote and produced "The Charcoal People" and co-directed several documentaries for the National Geographic channel.


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