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Havana Hosts International Event on Medical Education
The inauguration of the event was attended by Cuban Health Minister Jose Ramon Balaguer and Vice Minister Roberto Gonzalez, who in his opening speech referred to the development of public health in the Caribbean nation after the triumph of the Revolution in 1959.

He stressed that Cuba’s achievements in this field are the result of the political willingness of the Cuban government and the effective training of human resources.

He noted that more than 70,000 doctors have graduated from Cuban universities since 1959 and added that since the inauguration of the Latin American School of Medicine, almost a decade ago, more than 6,000 professionals of the health sector have graduated from this center.

He recalled that there are currently more than 199,000 youths studying medical sciences in Cuba, including some 24,000 form 101 countries.

The first lecture of the event on Sunday was given by Dr. Cgarles Boelen, an international consultant of the United Nations and former coordinator of the Program of the World Health Organization for human resources in the field of health.

The ‘International Conference on Medical Education for the 21st Century: Towards Health Equity’ runs through next Wednesday.


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