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Cuban VP Carlos Lage Recognizes Advances of Las Tunas after Passage of Hurricanes
In Vazquez, small town belonging to the municipality of Puerto Padre, Lage checked in situ the termination of the roof of the warehouses of trade, severely damaged by the blasts of the hurricane Ike.

Also in the rural community La Ciguaraya he was witness of the productive recovery in protected and semiprotected agricultural areas, specialized in the cultivation of vegetables.

The city of Puerto Padre was the other stopover of his journey. There Lage traveled, among other destinations, the area of the pier and the perimeter of the stores in the commercial sector.

The Cuban VP also visited areas of the sugar mill Antonio Guiteras that lost part of its roof - more than 50, 000 sheets of zinc and fibro – during the hurricane Ike.

Its workers are concentrated in restoring those damages and in guaranteeing repairs of quality, because that colossus, the biggest sugar producer of the country, might begin to mill in January. Lage exchaged with several of them and wished them successes in their work.

The Company of Metallic Structures Francisco (Paco) Cabrera, of this city, industrial emblem of the province, was also visit by the Cuban leader who checked what this institution represents in the current circumstances regarding the production of sheets of zinc.

Lage Davila considered that the housing represents the big challenge for the inhabitants of the province, some 690 kilometers to the east of Havana, where the hurricane Ike affected partly or totally more than 80, 000 properties.

The Cuban VP recognized that the province evidences undeniable evolutionary signs, as the full normalization of the services of pumping of water, communications, and electricity, all now with more quality. "Beside the image of the destruction that of the recovery grows," he asserted.

During his journey, Lage was accompanied by Jorge Cuevas Ramos, president of the Council of Provincial Defense and first secretary of the Communst Party in Las Tunas; Fidel Figueroa, minster of the Construction; and Victor Ramirez, president of the National Institute of the Housing.


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