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Cuban Movie Posters at Havana Film Festival
The 30th edition of the Festival to begin December 2-12, dedicates every year a space to the area of visual arts, with its innovative design and conceptual nature closely linked to the film festival that makes an action of promotion often enough to
take the spectator to the big screen.

This skilled screen technique arouse since the birth of the Cuban Institute of the Cinematographic Art and Industry, with moments of glory and counting with the signatures of Eduardo Muñoz Bach, Raul Martinez, Alfredo Rostgaard, Humberto
Peña and Rene Azcuy.

A jury integrated by five experts, Uruguayan Casimiro Torreiro, Argentinean Lucia Muñoz, Peruvian Javier Corcuera, Chilean Camila Guzman and Cuban Gustavo Perez will be in charge of selecting the winning poster.


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