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Mexico Shows Cuban Hero Oeuvre
The show "Toda la Patria Esta en la Mujer. Retratos de Patriotas Cubanas" (All the Homeland is in Women. Portraits of Cuban Women) includes reproductions of portraits of the mothers and wives of the Cuban Five and images of Leonor Perez and Mariana Grajales, heroines of the 19th century independence struggle.

Also included are fighters of the insurrectional stage, as well as outstanding cultural figures, as Gertrudis Gomez de Avellaneda, and Dominican settled in Cuba Camila Henriquez Urena.

Cuban and Mexican academics, members of the Mexican Movement of Solidarity with Cuba and officials from the Caribbean Island's embassy, the Fayad Jamis gallery of which exhibits Antonio Guerrero's works, attended the opening of the exhibit, to be run until December 15.

Cuban Cultural Attache Boris Luis Gomez, who visited Guerrero in prison during his diplomatic mission to Washington, highlighted the artist's sensibility amid a cruel imprisonment, with frequent punishment and isolation.


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