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Guatemala Hosts Business Meet with Cuba
"It is important for us to broaden and diversify investments and exchange with Cuba," said Deputy Minister of Economy for Integration Ruben Morales at the inaugural session.

He added that though there has been an interesting growth of over 100 percent in the last few years, there are still great opportunities to extend it to other sectors, including food.

Cuban Ambassador to Guatemala, Omar Morales, expressed his country's willingness to place economic links to the same level of political, fraternal ties existing between both countries.

"Our economies are complementary, and possibilities of cooperation and exchange are infinite, not only in health and education, but also in fields including energy, sugar industry and agriculture," he said.

Guatemala sells to Cuba insecticides, disinfectants, canned ruit and meat, cereals, dairy products and beverages, and buys from Cuba medicine, rum, cigars and medical equipment, among other goods.


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