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 TheCuban film Kangamba was well acclaimed in Argentina Senate
Addressing Latin American diplomats, politicians, legislators, students, and organizations in solidarity with Cuba, its director Rogelio Paris asked "not to see the film but to feel it."

He called to close the eyes of reason and open the heart to assimilate a war drama that reflects and recreates the violent offensive faced by Cuban military advisors in the Angolan city of Cangamba, in August 1983.

Paris explained the film is one hundred percent Cuban, including the geography and the set.

For the filmmaker, the movie is intended to begin to pay off a sort of cultural debt with Africans, mostly slaves, who joined the Cuban population and were pillars in the Cuban war against Spain.

He added his work, recently shown during the prestigious Film Festival of Mar del Plata, is a "strong, universal, internationalist film, a story demonstrating how people can make progress and think about love even in extreme circumstances.


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