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1st Festival of Low Budget Films by Humberto Solas is being held in Cienfuegos Cuba
According to an ACN (Cuban News Agency) report, the event is sponsored by the Gibara Film Festival and aims at promoting interaction among filmmakers, specialists and the audience.

Debates, theory panels and scriptwriting workshops are some of the activities scheduled for the festival that, supported by the ICAIC (Cuban Film Institute), is expected to stimulate films dealing with social, scientific and didactic themes.

This edition is devoted to sexual orientation, chauvinism, gender equality, sexual diseases and violence in the films.

The Festival organizers are also paying a tribute to Cuban filmmaker Humberto Solas and the way he portrayed women in his films.

The audience will enjoy films like "A cada Lado" (Argentina), "Hiyab" (Spain), "El otro sueño americano" (Mexico), and the co-productions "La noche de los inocentes" and "Leo y Julita."


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