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Book on Colombia by Fidel Castro Launched in Havana
The book reveals the content of important unpublished documents, interviews and Fidel’s personal experiences in the process, and bears proof of the sustained and noble efforts of Cuba to contribute to reaching peace in the sister nation.

“It is an essential reference for intellectuals and people in social movements in Latin America and other regions,” said Cuban Minister of Culture Abel Prieto during the launching of the book.

Prieto said the volume invites analysis, study and rigor setting the record straight on Cuba’s efforts to bring peace to Colombia.

Also commenting on the book was Jose Arbesu, deputy chief of International Relations at the Central Committee of Cuba’s Communist Party and a witness of the facts narrated. Arbesu said the work deals with a theme that has been hidden: Cuba’s efforts to bring a negotiated and just solution to the Colombian conflict.

He stressed that Cuba never sent weapons to Colombia and did not gave any financial assistance to any Colombian organization.

For her part, journalist Katiuska Blanco said the work reveals important documents, interviews and experiences with “pinpoint accuracy.”

Also attending were Ricardo Alarcon, president of the Cuban Parliament; Jose Ramon Balaguer, minister of Public Health; Concepcion Campa, director of the Finlay Institute as well as different government officials and leaders of political and grass-root organizations, members of the Ministry of Interior and Revolutionary Armed Forces and a group of students from the Latin American School of Medical Sciences.


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