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Argentina Book on the famous cuban director Santiago Alvarez launched
The work is a compliation of texts sent by different authors to the Group Rev(b)elando Imágenes with the original intention of presenting them in a virtual page, but the profusion and relevance of them made the publishers of editorial cooperative Tierras del Sur put them into a volume.

The limited edition, given the possibilities of its sponsors, was quickly sold out due to the interest of cinema-loving Argentinean readers, indicating there is a debt pending with Santiago, said Herrera.

The director of the Santiago Alvarez Office at the Instituto Cubano de Arte e Industria Cinematográficos (ICAIC) is on a working visit to Argentina, begun last October 23 in a homage paid to the filmmaker during the 2nd Documentary Film Exhibition.

On that occasion the film How, Why and For What is a General Assassinated?

¿Cómo, por qué y para qué se asesina un general? on the failed kidnapping and death in 1970 of Chilean General René Schneider, in an attempt to prevent the ratification of Salvador Allende as President.

The New Tango (El Nuevo Tango) was also screened. This was kept from exhibition for a long time and it deals with the assumption of Argentinean president Hector Campora in 1973, with the presence of Cuban and Chilean presidents, Osvaldo Dorticos and Allende.

During Herrera´s stay here, several lectures on the extensive work of her husband (deceased in 1998) were delivered during three days of the event and students of the Santa Fe Cinema School, founded by the  Fernando Birri.

She was also received at Mothers of the May Plaza organization and interviewed by that human rights struggle entity and held meetings in Channel 7 of public TV and the Telesur office in Argentina.


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