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Barack Obama The Challenges Ahead
In the first place, this is a victory of the US government system, badly needing changes after eight years of political disasters by republicans headed by George W. Bush.

Is it by mere chance that a black may access the Oval Office? Of course not. It is but part of the tricky reality of the American Way of Life which, according to theory, all American citizens enjoy equal opportunities. But what happened on last November 4 reveals the need to make certain and rapid changes in the Union's government system. Such changes would target the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the economic crisis hitting the most powerful country in the world.

The new US president will face huge challenges in order to deal with the problems that stemmed from the government of George Bush.

During Tuesday's presidential elections, voters went for immediate and necessary changes that may bring some stability. It was the word Change that centered Obama's campaign and his promises to US citizens.

The policy led by the republicans over the past eight years has been so wrong that the US system had no other alternative than making the concession of opening Obama the doors of the White House, in an effort to maintain capitalist rule alive. The US presidential history shows that, no matter who takes the presidency, the postulates and principles that Capitalism boasts must prevail.

Barack Obama will face uncomfortable situations, and although his campaign was based in the relief of problems affecting the majority of citizens, we have to wait and see how far he is admitted to go by Capitalism, in his effort to implement his promises at least in an acceptable portion.

As to the regional arena, Obama will face new structural and government-related changes in several Latin American countries, which break their traditional dependence on the United States.

He will also find a European currency which is stronger than the US dollar, despite the current financial crisis; meanwhile, Russia continues to gain international prestige. As to Central Asia and the Middle East, the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan make up a complex panorama facing the new US President.

And last but not least, Obama will have to deal with the financial crisis affecting a large part of US domestic economy.

This is a look at the domestic and international panorama facing the first US African-American President-elect, who won the vote of the majorities. But watch out!, the US establishment will always respond to the big capital, not to the large majority of the people.


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