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A new Bronze Statue of the Cuban heroine Vilma Espin erected by sculptor Alberto Lescay
The new work, made at the workshop of Caguayo Foundation for the Memorial Works of Art, will exceed life size, a national monument intended to show in one piece of art the humanism and magnanimity of the fighter, the sculptor told Prensa Latina.

The memorial in bronze is to be placed at Las Ameritas Avenue, in the heart of the city, on the Caribbean seaboard, where there are other memorials to honor other Latin American and Caribbean heroes.

Vilma Espin, heroine of the Clandestine Struggle and outstanding combatant of the Rebel Army, was an untiring fighter for women's emancipation and the defense of the rights of children.

Her name will be eternally linked to the most significant conquests of Cuban women in the Revolution and as one of the most important fighters for the emancipation of women in our country and throughout the world.

For her merits, she received many awards and national and international orders, among them the honorable title of Heroine of the Republic of Cuba.

According to her wishes, Vilma Espin was cremated. Her ashes were deposited, in a strictly private ceremony for her family with military honors, in the Mausoleum of the Frank Pais Second Front, in Santiago de Cuba province, where the remains of other heroic combatants of the Front lie.


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