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Renowned French painter Alain Kleinmann Exhibit in in Havana city
Paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, photography, tapestries and miniatures make up the exhibit, hosted by the Universal Arts building at the Fine Arts National Museum. The sample shows the artist’s view of Havana’s architecture and his interests on the physical details of the city.

Abelardo Mena, the exhibit’s curator, underscored the dense representation that characterizes Kleinmann’s work, and his recurrence to cultural sources and icons of 19th century France.

"Time traveler: Alan Kleinmann in Havana city" is the title of the exhibit, which makes reference to the artist’s aesthetics and plastic intention, centered on objects- stairs, building arcades, walls, bars…- marked by the passing of time.

The French painter, who has personally brought his works to Havana, will give a press conference prior to the exhibit’s inauguration.


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