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Confluencias Inside Cuban Contemporary Art in Mexico
As of the end of 2006, ´Confluencias Inside´, has been exhibited in several other important Mexican spots: the Clavijero Palace in Michoacan, the José Luis Cuevas Museum in Mexico City, the Contemporary Art Museum in Toluca, the Culture Institute in León, Guanajuato, the Juárez Institute in Tabasco and the Art Museum in Zapopan.

The exhibit, comprising more than 60 pieces that include paintings, sculptures, drawings, engravings, audiovisual materials and photos, is on display at the main gallery of the Arts Center in Mexicali, capital of Baja California.

The exhibit is coordinated by Juan Delgado Calzadilla with curators and art critics Nelson Herrera Ysla and Elvia Rosa Castro. During the opening, Delgado Calzadilla and Herrera Ysla gave a conference on Cuban contemporary art.

The exhibit, which will remain open to the public until the end of this year, is a unique opportunity for residents of Mexicali to enjoy and learn more about contemporary art in Cuba and Latin America, in general.

From Mexicali, ´Confluencias Inside´ will travel to the Arts Center in the City of Ensenada, also in the State of Baja California, where it will remain open to the public in February and March of 2009.


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