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German World Music Band IG Blech Tour Cuban Cities
The German collective, which will be in concert in several Cuban scenarios up to next October 29, works styles related to African-Cuban culture, urban Brazilian rhythms, Salsa music, traditional tunes from the Balkans and Tunisian dance.

Some major scenarios for IG-Blech concerts are historic plazas in the Old Section of Havana, and other sites in the central cities of Cienfuegos and Trinidad.

Considered by experts as a pioneer in offering the public different music styles from around the world (World Music), the German band has developed a repertoire which is the result of deep study and research by its members.

A peculiar feature of the band is the combination of costumes, music and dance to achieve communication with the public in all their different styles.

IG-Blech won the 1998 award granted by the “Music Vitale” Contest held in Berlin and Brandenburg; in 2001, the band also participated at the most important World Music Contest, held every year in Europe


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