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The Havana Biennale is moving
Since the start of the year, the curator team from the Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Center, has continued their work in the organization of the tenth edition of the Havana Biennale. This has represented, to the time

being, a sustained work in around a hundred meetings, with the going over of more than 350 individual and collective projects, from about 50 countries.

There will also be presented the proposal from six Chinese artists, as part of the artistic boom that has taken place in that continent.

Resistencia y Libertad, Paradigmas, is a proposal by three Cuban artists (Wifredo Lam, Raúl Martínez and José Bedia) presented by Corina Matamoros, curator from the Cuban art collection from the National Fine Arts


Latitudes, artistas del mundo, worked by a French curator is another one of the projects that we will be presenting, with a wide range of creators from many countries of the world.

Tales from the new World, was a project presented by the Cuban artist Humberto Díaz, with thirteen Cuban and foreign creators, and it will also be part of the biennale.

The collective proposals are completed by Género (TRANS) Género y (des) Generados, by curator Andrés Abreu, a work which will deal with several creation lines aiming to relate performances, staging arts and other

actions. There will also be the Revista de Videos Sin horizontes from Colombia.

Among the special guests we have Luis Camnitzer, León Ferrari, Fernell Franco, Antonio Ole, Shigeo Fukuda, Sue Williamson, Pepón Osorio and Antonio Martorell. This last one will present one of his important

workshops with the collaboration of the Havana Graphic Workshop.

This general panorama of the Biennale is made up by yet two more workshops: one of them by Tania Bruguera with their pedagogical experience in a dialogue with similar practice on other countries of the world and

another one of Latin American video, with interesting proposals in this media.

In the location of San Agustín, there will take place the LASA Contextual Art project. It will offer a framework for artistic experimentations and cultural confrontations in a peripheral neighbourhood of the city of Havana.

is a general panorama of the tenth edition of the Havana Biennale that includes a list of 123 artists –including duets and groups. The Cuban representation is made up by nineteen artists, some of them living outside of the country.

t there are included the main plastic institutions in our country. Institutions such as the Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Center (the leading and heading center together with the National Plastic Art Council), the Center

for the Development of Visual Arts, the Cuban Photo Library and the important places from the Office of the Historian will accept the work of the artists and the guest projects.

There is also work being done in the conception of the event or theoretical colloquium, as has been already done in previous events, where some specific topics will be debated, without of course pretending to go to

deep into them. The thematic lines that come out of the general concept of the event will be drawn out in order to organize reflection nucleuses or areas.

Under the theme Integración y resistencia en la era global we will talk about ourselves, about the problems in our countries, about society and its reflection in art.

The Biennale will also be a moment of joy and happiness for the twenty-fifth anniversary of an event that has resisted and has been integrated to the most contemporary and autochthonous aspects of our cultures.

The Tenth Biennale is already moving. And we are also doing it with it.


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