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Cuba responds to the artistic Project of Mexican photographer

"Herejías" is the result of five years work between the artist and a team of 20 curators that managed to collect 300 thousand images made by Meyer. These images have been placed in an on line data base and can be consulted from any where in the world.

In a statements made to AIN, Lourdes Benigni, in charge of the Plastic Arts direction of Casa said that many galleries of the world have answer to Meyer´s initiative. Each gallery will make its own selection and guardianship in order to exhibit in a simultaneous way the visual universe of one of the most known photographers of Latin American, who is a pioneer of the digital images.

The over 40 works, exhibited by the Casa de las Ameritas, were chosen by specialist of the centre and try to show the most different topics in a period of 30 years created by the lens of Meyer, such as religion, politics, society and art.

Pieces such as "Hombre araña" and "En busca de La Libertad" denounce the opportunity o the eye and the irony of a compromised work, others, such as "Plantación" and "El comunista", show the documental formation of the author, while the portraits of "Silvio Rodríguez" and "Tomás Gutierrez Alea", show a consolidated work as well as the relationship of Meyer with the Cuban culture.

The printed images that will be exhibited in Brazil, Spain, Italy, Mexico, China and Cuba will be complemented by 23 digital galleries that are part of the Pedro Meyer web site, in which the totality of the photos that made out the "Herejías" are divided by its themes.

Meyer, for his pioneer and successful incursions in digital printing is considered by many people as the fist multimedia artists of the world. He has a rich work in stiles and topics that is a valuable archive of social events, such as the 1968 Student Movement, the Nicaragua guerrilla and the Avandaro Rock Festival.

The exhibition presented by the Casa in its Latin American Gallery, will be open to the Cuban public until next 5 of December.


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