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Cuban Authorities Evaluate Petrochemical Project in central Cienfuegos province
Basic industry officials evaluated the compliance with the timetable to complete the works in the plants that are being built in the region.

The nucleus of Cienfuegos petrochemical complex, in the province of the same name, some 250 kilometers south east of Havana, is the oil refinery run by the Cuban-Venezuelan company PDV-CUPET S.A., where 130 million dollars were invested last year to modernize it.

The plant, its enlargement and the new facilities to be built by 2013 are part of a regional economic integration program.

As part of the project, new tanks are being built to increase the plant's storage capacity by some 80,000 cubic meters.

In addition, renovation works on the 189-kilometer oil pipe between Cienfuegos and the port of Matanzas, in western Cuba, will begin this year.


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