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Cuban Feature Length Films at Bogota Festival
During the festival, the world-renowned motion pictures "Un Hombre de Exito" (A Man of Success) and "Lucía", by Humberto Solás, and "Memorias del Subdesarrollo" (Memories of Underdevelopment) by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, were screened.

Other films exhibited in Bogota were Octavio Cortázar's "Por Primera Vez" (For the First Time), Fernando Pérez's "Suite Havana", and Juan Padron's cartoon "Vampiros en La Habana" (Vampires in Havana).

By screening "Un Hombre de Exito" and "Lucía", the organizers of the festival paid tribute to Solás, who passed away recently and was one of Cuba's most prominent moviemakers.

Solás was an active participant in the Film Festival of Bogota, and was a member of its international jury on several occasions.


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