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Operating Tent in Cuban Mountains Facilitates Eye Surgery
More than 500 people from the municipality of El Salvador have been operated on in the tented operating theatre, which is similar to those used in Pakistan by the Cuban Henry Reeves Medical Brigade for Emergency Situations, according to Dr. Marisol Noa, with the national coordinating committee for the program. The doctor said the surgical tent was erected in a local museum in the town, which also hosted one of the columns of the Cuban Rebel Army some 50 years ago.

Dr. Noa told ACN the first eye operations, under the Operation Miracle program in El Salvador using the surgery tent, were performed on August 25. The program will be expanded to other mountainous areas in the province where some 250 people are estimated to need the treatment.

As part of the Operation Miracle program, all over five years old will be examined in order to facilitate the early diagnosis of sight problems for treatment.

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