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Homage to Cuban Filmmaker Humberto Solas Paid in Chile
Sequences of that film, in which performed hundreds of Chilean refugees in Cuba, were screened during the ceremony in remembrance of the Cuban filmmaker who recently passed away.

“Chile´s Cantata” shows important events of Chilean history; these span from the massacre of workers in Iquique, to the movement in support of President Salvador Allende, to the violent coup d´etat by Augusto Pinochet and the resistance of the people.

Chilean actors Shenda Roman, Enrique San Martin and Fernando Villagran, who participated in the film, talked about their experiences working with Solas. They extolled his creativity and ability to recreate a Chilean ambience in Cuba, reported Prensa Latina news agency.

Some one hundred people attended the memorial ceremony carried out at central cultural center. The Cuban ambassador to Chile, Giraldo Mazola, talked about Solá’s career, particularly the positive impact of Cantata de Chile on the people of that country.

Solas was well known inside and outside of Cuba for some of the best movies produced by the Cuban Institute of Cinematic Art and Industry (ICAIC) in its half-century of existence.

Among his best-known films is Lucia, an extraordinary movie that will celebrate its 40th anniversary this year. As a young artist, he also wrote and directed Manuela (1966), a precursor to the emblematic works that showcased Humberto´s aesthetic sensibilities, his passion and good judgment: Un día de noviembre (1972), Cantata de Chile (1975), Cecilia (1981), Un hombre de éxito (1986), and El siglo de las luces (1991).


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