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Swiss Orthopedic Expert Assists Cuban Doctors
Thanks to the collaboration of Dr. Buess-Watson, more than 70 operations of this type have been performed at the orthopedics hospital in Ciego de Avila, where he has been providing his assistance every year since 2005, according to a report by the local newspaper El Invasor.

Dr. Buess-Watson works with the shoulder care clinic in Berne, Switzerland. While in Cuba, he will be performing demonstrative surgeries from Monday through Thursday. The doctor will also lead debates on surgical cases and visit health institutions in the province, located in central Cuba.

The technique, called shoulder arthroscopy, is a low-risk surgery that facilitates the direct visualization of the joints for more accurate diagnosis and better results in surgical operations. One of the best advantages of this technique is that patients can recover very quickly.

Dr. Buess-Watson has been a friend of Cuba since 1983 when he joined the Jose Marti solidarity-with-Cuba brigade. In several occasions, he has spoken about his admiration of what the “professionalism and enthusiasm” of Cuban doctors.


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