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Extreme Sanitary Measures Taken in Ciego de Avila Cuba
Among the actions mention should be made of a systematic surveillance in the emergency rooms of all medical assistance centers, schools in the countryside and hostels, in order to counteract the transferable diseases that almost always arise after the path of powerful meteorological phenomenon such as Ike.

Although the territory bears a stable epidemic situation, efforts are strengthened to neutralize a possible outbreak of hepatitis, leptospirosis, conjunctivitis, as well as dengue or typhoid fever or any another.

Reinol García, provincial director of Health, informed that Ciego de Ávila has the necessary personnel and assistance centers to face any contingency.

He pointed out that --after the cleaning and disinfection of the areas flooded by the hurricane and the collection of solid wastes-- a program of community hygiene started which also involves the food elaboration units.

The Community Services and Hydraulic Resources enterprises also contribute to the endeavour, the former engaged in hygiene tasks and the latter in the chlorination of water supply sources.  Besides, the contribution of the people is critical to prevent the proliferation of the Aedes aegypti mosquito and other vectors.

Because of the fact that the territory underwent the severe floods brought about by hurricane Ike, a vaccination campaign is carried out against the leptospirosis for the groups at risks, including students in boarding schools.

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