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Famous cuban sculptor Alberto Lezcay will be inaugurated in Berlin
The idea of bronze came up from the sculpture criterion to make the work and the relationship between plastic artists from Germany and Cuba eternal. It was born in 1986 in the Western Berlin of the time, stated Lezcay in an interview with Prensa Latina.

The president of the Caguayo Foundation, from Santiago de Cuba, and the author, among many other pieces of the plaster statue of the diseased singer Compay Segundo, Lezcay undertook the Bronze Flight project together with the German artist Marko Frilers.

Lezcay explained that there were a series of coincidences or curious moments that led to this work. “My relationships with Germany, he remembered, began in 1986 when I was invited to participate in a visual arts exhibition in Kudam Strasse, in what used to be Western Berlin.”

He added that now there is another very special moment, as an exhibition in the Kunstgieberei Flierl Gallery from the unified Berlin is being prepared. This exhibition includes the imprint of Cuban and German artists with bronze as the defined material.

Lezcay’s mark resumes a very important part of Cuban history, with the horse-riding figure of Antonio Maceo in Santiago de Cuba; the Monument to the Warrior Spirit, in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela and the Monument to the Runaway Slave in El Cobre.

There are also to be highlighted the pieces of Ernesto Che Guevara found in the Cuban Ministry for Foreign Relations, in Havana City and the monument to Rosa La Bayamesa.


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