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The Cuban plastic artist Vicente Bonachea surprises with a new support for his creation
In a statement made to AIN that painter indicated that the exhibited pieces – all of them made in 2008 – are designed for the occasion and specially for the spaces of Villa Manuela, the gallery of the Unión Escritores y Artistas de Cuba (Association of Cuban Writers and Artists) (UNEAC, after its initials in Spanish).

He also indicated that, although from time to time he has made some three-dimensional things, with this exhibition he decided to do a bigger group, far beyond the painting and confessed that he feels satisfied with the achieved work and to give continuity to this work.

Most of the materials I used in the installations were picked after the hurricanes, something that makes the work actual and human, added Bonachea.

"La memoria alucinada", exhibits six volumetric pieces and six materials. It gives the unique opportunity to compare the concept and the aesthetic of Bonachea in bi dimensional pieces, a support that traditionally identifies him, with the new foray into the third dimension.

It is worth mentioning the delivery "Hay golpes en la vida tan fuertes", a kind of a wood, steel and plastic totem, as well as the biggest material exhibited "Cierto mar de serpientes" and the piece that gives name to the exhibition, which is an impressive sculpture in which the author combines cloth, plaster, acrylic and polyurethane foam.

Bonachea declared to the agency that he will donate a recently created bi dimensional piece to the gallery Solidaria por Cuba Hoy, an initiative of the Cuban artists that will invite national and foreign painters to give a work to be sold online and its profits will be given to the victims of the hurricanes Gustav and Ike.

He explained that he has been unable to be part of any brigade that has visited the affected provinces, because he has been working in the preparation of the exhibition, but from now on he is willing to join their colleagues any where he is requested.


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