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Concert in Solidarity with Cuba Performed in Uruguay
Among the artists participating in the concert, who performed free of charge, were Numa Moraes, Daniel Viglietti, young singer-songwriters Marcos Gutiérrez and Ezequiel Facioli, and the groups Murgas “Sociedad Anónima” and “Queso Magro”, reports the Cuban Foreign Ministry on its website.

The artists expressed their support for the Cuban people, when the country is going through such difficult times after the passage of the devastating hurricanes Gustav and Ike, and their condemnation of The US blockade against Cuba . With their songs, they turned the night into an encounter between sister nations.

Messages of solidarity with Cuba were read during the activity, coming from the Coordinating Committee in Support of the Cuban Revolution, the Association of Cubans Living in Uruguay, the Organization of Retirees and Pensioners of Uruguay, the Commission in Support for the Eye Hospital, and the Association of Former Political Prisoners of Uruguay (CRYSOL).

The latter announced the collection, among its members, of 1,000.00 USD, which will be deposited in the bank account opened by the Coordinating Committee in Support of the Cuban Revolution and the PIT-CNT, so all Uruguayans wishing to contribute their donations for the Cuban people can do so.

Cuban ambassador to Uruguay, Marielena Ruiz, thanked the organizers for the presentation, as well as the messages of solidarity with Cuba , and explained the actions carried out on the island to recover from the damage caused by the two hurricanes.

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