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Cacao imprint in Baracoa to show an international event
Painters from the Villa Primada de Cuba will show their paintings, in which they reflect the cultivation, recollection and industrial processing of the acorn, from which the delicious chocolate, called Elixir of the Gods, by the American aborigines, may be obtained.

The famous painted from Baracoa Orlando Piedra is the organizer and curator of the exhibition, which reflects also the intangible cultural heritage of the Theobroma cacao, to which are related, apart from the instruments used in agriculture, musical expressions such as the Nengón and Kiribá, autochthonous from the region.

Intangible or immaterial cultural heritage are the uses, representations, expressions, knowledge and techniques that are known to be an important part of the cultural heritage of communities, groups and individuals.

The concept covers also the instruments, objects, artifacts and cultural spaces that are inherent to them.

This topic will be dealt with in the event by the Historian of the City of Baracoa, Alejandro Hartmann Matos, in a master conference at the Museum of Chocolate, found in the famous House of the Green Cross, the former residence of the Counts of Lagunilla, in Old Havana.

Here, he declared, may be enjoyed since the year 2003, the delicious drink in a cup, made with cacao from the First Cuban Village and whose specialties are Traditional chocolate, with vanilla and cinnamon and the Aztec, with pepper and nutmeg.

Hartmann Matos, who is also the 2005 National Communitarian Culture Award told AIN that in his speech he will deal with the importance of cacao for Latin America and the role of Cuba, especially Baracoa, in the so called Cacao Route.

For this purpose, there is a project that is taking place in Baracoa and is sponsored by the Regional Culture Office for Latin America from the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization and its Cuban, the Domenican Republic and Aruba representation Office. The peak of this initiative coincides with the international revaluation of cacao that is being produced in the region, which allows for a greater added price to this export heading, that is most important for the economies of many nations from the sub-continent.


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