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130 Medical Students at ELAM Volunteer in Guatemalan Communities for two weeks
The students will be carrying out health promotion and prevention activities in their communities. They will put into practice their knowledge and gain experience from direct contact with the people, Leonel Valdes, vice-coordinator of the Cuban Medical Brigade in
Guatemala, told Prensa Latina.

The program was dubbed Eternal Spring and will take place in 22 departments throughout the country, mainly in the most neglected areas where, historically, health services have been non-existent.

Madeleine Garcia, the senior member of the Cuban brigade, said most scholarship students are working alongside Cuban doctors in communities and health posts, while those who are in their last years of study will work at hospitals.

Four hundred and one Guatemalans, from different Indigenous communities, have graduated at ELAM, established in Havana shortly after hurricanes Mitch and George devastated parts of the Central America and Caribbean.


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