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Cuban Foreign Minister Attends Ceremony for Future Diplomats
Perez Roque presided over the observance in which the youth were formally released from their military service after having served with the Border Brigade of the Antonio Maceo Order, on the perimeter the illegally-occupied US naval base in Guantanamo.

The youth are expected to become diplomats after they complete studies at the International Relations Institute, which reopened classes after more than ten years of inactivity.

Perez Roque recalled that Gerardo Hernandez and Fernando Gonzalez, two of five Cubans unfairly imprisoned in the US, graduated from that school.

The foreign minister noted that Cuba has diplomatic relations with 186 countries, while there are more than 100 foreign embassies in Havana and a similar number of diplomatic missions of the island around the world.

During the ceremony, which was also presided over by the first secretary of the Cuban Communist Party in Guantanamo province, Luis Antonio Torres, several university graduates were promoted to reserve officers in Cuba’s Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR). In addition, several leaders of the Young Communist League were acknowledged.


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