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Mario Bennedetti published poem inspired in Che Guevara
Bennedetti published in 1997 in tribute to the 30 anniversary of the murder of Che in Bolivia, some verses he titled Che, where he highlights the universal transcendence of the revolutionary, nevertheless the attempts of his enemies in transform him in a plaster idol.

In honour to the 80 anniversary of the Che’s birth date, 14 of June, the Cuban web page published Benedetti’s work, together with similar works made by great Latin American poets and intellectuals.

Bennedetti Express in his text: He has been covered with posters / banners, voices in the walls, retroactive offences / with honours in wrong time, he has been transformed into a consume piece in trivial memory, in yesterday without return, in embalmed anger.

They have decided to use him as an epilogue / as a last example of vain innocence, as an old archetype of a saint or a Satan and maybe have decided that the only way to get rid of him is to leave him alone / is to drain the fire in him, to make him a marble or plaster hero.

And he ends: … however the non closed eyes of Che are looking as if they can not look amazed that the world does not understand thirty years later that he continues his sweet and persistent struggle for men’s happiness.


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