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The exhibition Cuba XX Century opened in Havana
Gostev is the artistic director of the Chistie Prudie gallery, located in central Moscow, where from the 23 of June will be exhibited 49 works of 24 authors. The expert considers that never before in Russia and the Soviet Union has been presented such an exhibition.

Practically every trend of Cuban plastic from the second half of last century is represented here, a stage in which there was a very warm and friendly relationship between the biggest island of the Caribbean and the Soviet Union, said Gostev to Prensa Latina.

I relieve this event will strengthen even further the traditional friendship and admiration between both people, he added.

The expert considers the variety of trends and forms, representing a period from 1950 until 2000, amazing for the Russian public for its creative diversity.

We can see the Cuban mythology, the African roots, the Portocarrero style, owner of a fabulous musical calligraphy and creator of many pieces that can be see at the Pushkin Museum of Arts in Moscow, he added.

Gostev praised the paintings of Víctor Manuel, "one of the fathers of Cuban contemporary plastic arts", and particularly expressed his predilection for Servando Cabrera Moreno (image).

His painting is on one side totally national and on the other has such a quality that can be included in the records of the highest universal quality, indicated.

He managed to capture the tropical landscape as a living essence and humanize it in the macheteros and springs, with a style full of content and lines that defined very well the outlines. All this becoming, at the same time, decorative images, he explained.

The exhibition is a party because there are a lot of bright colours in the Cuban painters, such as the sun of the island, the blue, green and yellow. They practically don’t use black and grey ended admired the artistic director of the gallery.


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