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Book Fidel Bolivia and Something More Presented in Havana
The 206-page Cuban edition of the book came out 15 years after its publication in Bolivia by courtesy of its authors, Nicolas Fernandez, Edwin Flores and Ramiro Ramirez. The prologue to the new edition was written by Fidel.

The book presentation was aired by the prime time television program ‘The Round Table’, whose moderator, Randy Alonso, spoke of the significance of Fidel’s historic trip to Bolivia 15 years ago.

Alonso announced that there will be a second Cuban edition of the book that will include two letters: one from Bolivian President Evo Morales and the other from Argentinean writer and journalist Stella Calloni.

For his part, Tubal Paez, President of the Union of Cuban Journalists, recalled that the solidarity and warm welcome that Fidel received in Bolivia in 1993 encouraged the Cuban people to continue resisting those difficult times of economic crisis.

Paez explained that the text includes reflections by Fidel on the so-called Special Period in Cuba (economic crisis) during his exchanges with journalists on that memorable trip.

During the presentation of the book, Javier Labrada, Cuban coordinator of the ongoing literacy campaign in Bolivia, referred to the main achievements of this program that will lead Bolivia to become, by the end of this year, in the third country of Latin America and the Caribbean free from the scourge of illiteracy.

Labrada said that, thus far, 544,354 Bolivian people have learned to read and write thanks to the Cuban literacy method ‘Yo si puedo’ (Yes, I Can) and that 162 municipalities of this South American nation have been declared free from illiteracy.

For their part, Drs. Yaima Cabrera and Armando Garrido spoke of the work and solidarity of the Cuban health personnel who are currently making their contribution in Bolivia. They said that the Caribbean health professionals have offered 13,600,000 consultations and have saved more than 13,400 lives since they arrived in Bolivia in 2006.

Also present in the event were the Cuban Foreign Minister, Felipe Perez Roque; Fernando Remirez de Estenoz, head of the Foreign Relations Department at the Central Committee of Cuba’s Communist Party; and Silvia Lazarte, President of the Bolivian Constituent Assembly.


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