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Nine Cuban young artists expose in Madrid

The tour starts with the acrylic made by Niels Reyes Cadalso and with it, it assures the artistic quality of the whole presentation. Reyes impresses with the colors in which in ¨Alumbramiento Tropical de la Utopía¨ and ¨La Patria juega con la historia¨ he offers his vision of the current reality.

There is also the oil painting of Alejandro Campins as well as an interesting mixture of Alejandro González.

There are photography that last in the memory, such as the ones of Rodney Batista, whose contributions to the conjunction of images are invaluable, as well as the ones of Aliuska Mayans, with the series ¨Libertad¨, whose birds seems to be flying in the future, images really out of reality.

To make the visitors think, Yordanis Jiménez shows a work that besides being very difficult in its creation is original, since it makes the photographic impression on resin, something outside the common pieces in the artistic galleries.

Another important piece is ¨Lluvia¨ made by Michel Pérez, a great dimension acrylic where the spectator can recreate himself imagining water drops falling on the surface in unexpected forms.

Daniel Díaz was not left behind with his ¨La Secta letra¨ in which he recreates a sculpture using the letters of the typing machine. This object takes the attention of the public for its originality.

A very curious sculpture is ¨Poesía¨ made by Maykel Linares. The sculpture is a tree branch out of which sprout grenades.

We talked with Linares at the Gallery and he told us that his work is inspired in visual metaphors in which people can be inspired, get their own conclusions and have their own idea of what they are seeing. The piece was made in wire net forged with two real grenades as if those grenades are the fruits that sprout from the tree.


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