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A tribute in Russia to a Cuban painter Servando Cabrera Moreno in the 85th anniversary of his birth date
Jorge Marti, the Cuban ambassador, assured that pieces of the famous plastic artists will have a relevant space in the exhibition Cuba XX Century.

Out of the 49 Cuban paintings made from 1950 until 2000 that are on exhibition with a retrospective vision in Russia for the first time, 6 are painted by Cabrera Moreno between 1964 and 1981, the year of his death, added the diplomat.

It is not a chance that his macheteros are on the front page of the catalogue with photos made by the Russian artist Valeri Maslennikov with an introductory text by the director of the Chistie Prudie gallery, Anatolii Gostev, explained Marti to Prensa Latina.

I’m convinced that the exhibition will be a success because Russians and Cubans have always felt a deep sympathy and admiration for the art and culture of both people, he added.

Taking into account the number of pieces, internationally famous authors and diverse styles I can qualify this exhibition as exceptional, ended the Ambassador.


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