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Sights on Expansion of Cuban Refinery
The project includes installing two tanks with an oil capacity for 10 days of operation, said plant deputy-director Raul Perez del Prado, who noted their importance given the upcoming June to November hurricane season.

The setting up of a hydraulic unit will guarantee higher quality fuel oil, which is supplied to the Carlos Manuel de Cespedes power generating plant of that province.

The Camilo Cienfuegos refinery of Cienfuegos, over 155 miles south east of Havana, has run at full capacity since its re-inauguration last December by Cubas CUPET and Venezuelas PDVSA publicly-run oil companies, as part of the energy project for the Caribbean sponsored by the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA).

The plant currently produces liquefied gas, naphtha, gasoline, fuel for turbo engines, diesel and fuel oil.


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