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Cuban poets at the Bogotá International Festival
Before the opening of the festival, on Friday the 23 opened to the public the photographic exhibition "50 years of Mexican photography" at the Gabriel García Marquez, organized by the Mexican National Institute of Arts. The exhibition shows portraits of 77 Mexican writers.

The opening of the event is on Monday the 26 with a trip at the "Poetry Train" from 8 oclock in the morning that will take the participants up to Zipaquirá, while famous Colombian and international writers will recite parts of their works. In Zipaquirá will be received at the museum - house, where they will see a typical house from 1800s linked with letters fro over 200 years.

The opening ceremony starts at 3pm at the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, locate at the Parque de la Sal (Salt Park), which is also the main tourist attraction of the region, where the public could enjoy the premiere of the movie Guasa, tesoro de un pueblo, a fifty minutes movie, about the exploitation of mining and salt.

Afterwards, the presentation of the foreign guests, where Mexico, as the guest country, is highlighted, the tribute to the Colombian poet José Luis Díaz-Granados and the presentation of the Mosquera Symphonic Orchestra, winner of several national awards and on of the best groups in its kind of music. The return to Bogota will be in the same train at 5-30 afternoon.

On the 27 and 28 of May, parallel to the festival, will be held the seminar "La poesía mexicana contemporánea no descansa en paz" (The contemporary Mexican poetry is resting in peace), organized by Cooperativa Editorial Magisterio, the District Cultural, Recreation and Sport Office, the Ulrika Corporation and the Cultural Ministry of Colombia. This seminar will analyze Mexican poets subsequent to Octavio Paz, 1990 Literature Nobel Price winner, who died ten years ago. At 7 pm, in the sema stage, will be a tribute to the poet José Luis Díaz-Granados.

Recital and other poetic event will be held during the festival at the Silva Poetry House, the Gabriel García Marquez Cultural Centre and the Gilberto Alzate Avendaño Foundation, as well as in colleges, universities, cultural centers, municipalities and libraries.

The main activity of the closing ceremony, to be held at the Gimnasio Moderno the 31 of May at 7pm, will be a rock and poetry concert with the participation of young Colombian poets and the group 1.280 Almas.

The biggest representation will be of the guest country, Mexico, that will assist with Eduardo Lizalde, Juan Bañuelos, Silvia Tomasa Rivera, Eduardo Langagne, Antonio del Toro, Jorge Esquinca, Efraín Bartolomé, Fabio Morábito, Margarito Cuéllar, José Ángel Leyva, José Antonio Alvarado, Rocío Cerón, Víctor Cabrera y Yohanna Jaramillo. Por Colombia estarán Juan Felipe Robledo, Jota Mario Arbeláez, Álvaro Miranda, Federico Díaz-Granados y Fernando Linero.

Marcos Silver will take part representing Argentina, Floriano Martins from Brazil, Patrick Wood from Canada, Pablo Maire from Chile, Pablo Armando Fernández and Alberto Rodríguez Tosca will represent Cuba, Marcelo Báez and Xavier Oquendo from Ecuador, José Daniel García y Antonio Agredano fropm Spain, Francisco Morales Santos from Guatemala, Gerardo Ciancio, Roberto Genta Dorado and Enrique Bacchifrom Uruguay and Ernesto Román Orozco and Jorge Gustavo Portella from Venezuela.


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