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4th International Symposium on Arterial Hypertension in Cuba
Health prevention and promotion, psycho-social determinant factors, genetics, associated diseases and therapy for arterial hypertension will be the main topics.

Delfin Perez Caballero, president of the Cuban Arterial Hypertension League, said the disease is classified as chronic and non transmittable, and it is considered a public health problem.

However, he stated the disease is preventable, easy to diagnose and controllable, but can be fatal if not adequately treated.

He highlighted the relevance of increasing primary prevention, investigation, diagnosis and treatment for affected people.

Artery hypertension is the most important factor for cardiopathies and affects a high number of people.

Each year, 7 million people die because of artery hypertension in the world, and the number might double if measures to avoid it are not taken.


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