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Peter Phillips, North American professor that heads the Censored Project, said that means in United States are entertainment business with a lot of expenses that does not reflect the reality neither they criticize the government's position in their warlike companies.

He added , in spite of the great number of newspapers, radio stations and television channels, the American people doesn't know what happens to its surroundings, because the leftist means even avoid topics like the conflict Arabic-Israeli, the unjust imprisonment of the five Cuban antiterrorists and the correspondents that die in the world to offer different visions from the official speeches.

The Cuban journalist Ana Teresa Badía assured that murder of colleagues constitutes a well considered military strategy, with the not achieved intention of "killing the truth.", besides she said that The wars of the XXI century take place, among other reasons, due to the manipulation of the information and the possibilities that it confers to legitimate the positions of the top of power, and to destabilize popular governments as those that have today many countries in Latin America.

According to data of the Investigating Commission of Attacks to Journalists, so far in year 15 professionals have been murdered in the region.
To this encounter attended the Ecuadorian assemblyman Caesar Alarcón who presides an alternative channel in his country; Universi Zambrano, Ecuadorean ambassador; Tubal Páez, president of the Association of Cuban Journalists , and Graciela Ramírez, the person in charge of the International Committee for the Liberation of the Five Cuban Heroes.
The young journalist Carlos Bastidas was several weeks in Sierra Maestra, where he interviewed the guerrilla leader Fidel Castro and, to his return to Havana, he was murdered by the repressive forces of the Batistato on May 13, 1958.


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