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Exhibition Word and Brush in Havana, Cuba
Carlos Enriquez, Juana Borrero, Marcelo Pogolotti, Aristides Fernandez, Fayad Jamis, Pedro de Oraa, Samuel Feijoo, Julio Girona, Adigio Benitez and Miguel Collazo are some of the authors chosen to integrate the exhibition, due to their incursion in genres like poetry, story and novel.

A giant exhibition with a fragment of some of their written works will be included next to the pictorial exhibitions of each artist dating from 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

Jorge Domingo stated in a press conference that texts were selected in each case from the most treated genre by the author and reflect plasticity, colorful and visibility, reported the Cuban News Agency -AIN-.

In this way, the public will be able to enjoy fragments of the novel "Tilin Garcia" by Carlos Enriquez, of the autobiography "Del Barro y las voces" by Marcelo Pogolotti, of the story "Entre cardos y begonias", by Miguel Collazo and of he poem "Esta mañana", by Fayad Jamis, among others.

Palabra y pincel is part of the previous actions of the Institute of Literature and Linguistics and the Institute of Book to celebrate the Four Centuries of Cuban Literature, to be celebrated October 20 to November 20.


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