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Cuba Media on US Secret Europe Push
Granma indicates the US is also concerned that relations between Cuba and the European Union grow even more in the EU-Latin American Summit, to be run in May in Lima, Peru.

Hence, the White House has sent to Europe its Cuba hit man, Caleb McCarry, appointed by George W. Bush in July 2005 to the denominated Transition Plan for Cuba.

He has been called the equivalent of Paul Bremen, the former US administrator to occupied Iraq.

McCarry undoubtedly fulfills conditions for the mission: he is the son of a CIA agent, worked in the office of Senator Jesse Helms who co-sponsored the law that worsened the blockade on Cuba, and also implemented his destabilizing qualities in Haiti, where he was responsible for channeling the Republican Party money to topple Jean Bertrand Aristide.

They now are trying to do something similar with Cuba, where McCarry has already received $60 million for his "transition," joined to another $200 million previously included in the budget.

Cuba considers mere McCarry's appointment a violation of International Law and the functional UN Charter in the measure that its aim is a change of system in a sovereign country with a democratically elected government.

The publication states that McCarry's tour of Europe started April 10 and unlike US trips to other nations it has displayed discretion bordering on clandestinity, because in some cases his visits have not been announced or published.

The official organ of Cuba's Communist Party states any analyst will recognize that the US discourse on human rights and Cuba is only an alibi to control the island.

Granma concludes that faced with silences on results of McCarry's tour of Europe, only time will tell if the EU really makes the decision of adopting an independent policy toward Cuba or continues accepting US pressure and blackmail.(PL)


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