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Cuba and Bolivia signed three agreements to strengthen bilateral cooperation, in Havana on Monday.
A third agreement on cooperation in the fields of sports and physical education was signed by the president of Cubas National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) Christian Jimenez, and Saul Chavez Orozco, ambassador of Bolivia in Havana.

At the official talks held earlier in the Foreign Ministry, Perez Roque said that Cuba supports the government of Evo Morales and the social and democratic changes underway in Bolivia; and rejects the dividing attempts within the country as well as the foreign interference and conspiracies against the Andean nation.

Choquehuanca Cespedes for his part said that Bolivia has made the decision to get back its dignity and sovereignty along with its natural resources and its strategic enterprises formerly in the hands of trans-national companies.

Also on Monday, the Bolivian visitor laid a wreath at the monument to Jose Marti, Cubas National Hero, in Havanas Revolution Square.

The Bolivian government official and his delegation came to Cuba amidst particular tensions in their country following destabilizing and secessionist plans aimed against the countrys current constitutional order and territorial integrity.


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