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A historic encyclopedia about Latin American and Caribbean music (megaproject sponsored by UNESCO) in Havana
The English work Performing the Caribbean Experience, Volume II, is part of the book Music in Latin America and the Caribbean: An encyclopedic history, which is a 14-volume megaproject sponsored by UNESCO.

The first four volumes so far have 600 pages each and 140 articles by 150 Latin American authors, including several renowned Cuban musicologists.

The first book covers indigenous music in the region, the second is about the African influence in the Caribbean and the two last are about popular urban music in the New World.

Kauss, who has been living in the United States for over 40 years, is executive director of the encyclopaedic project she describes as a deserved recognition of the tradition and quality of research on the subject in the region.

She is in Havana as a guest of the 5th International Meeting on Musicology to be held at Casa de las Americas on April 14-18.


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