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Havana, Cuba will Host International Symposium on Blood Derivatives
According to Granma news daily, the event coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Cuban Plant of Blood Derivatives inaugurated by Fidel Castro in 1988.

Some of the main pharmaceutical compounds included in the list of blood derivatives are immuno-globulins, for the "passive immunization" of patients; the albumin used for the restoration of body weight; and coagulation factors for the treatment of hemophilia and other related disorders.

According to Dr. Daniel Pupo Rodriguez, General Director of the Plant of Blood Serums and Derivatives, their production guarantees the supply demanded by the national public health system.

He added that there is a project to modernize the plant that includes the acquisition of technologies for the production of the VIII and IX coagulation factors.

The Habana 2008 Symposium on Blood Derivatives is the first of its kind held in Cuba and it aims at the creation of associations in Latin America for the research, production and commercialization of blood derivatives.


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